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Episode 16: How to Protect Your Teens and Tweens Online

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Episode 15: How to Deal with Student Loan Debt

If college is a priority for you or your child, eventually you will probably have to deal with student loan debt. In this week’s episode, we interview Jay Fleischman, a consumer protection and student loan... Read More
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Episode 14: 14 Benefits of Gardening

It’s February, and many of us are dreaming of spring. And there’s nothing that says spring more than gardening! That’s what we’re talking about in this episode! This week you will learn: The nutritional benefits to... Read More
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Episode 13: Prioritize Your Spouse

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Let’s make our spouses priorities this year! This week we discuss exactly how to do just that using the concept of love languages. In this episode, you will learn: Why love... Read More
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Episode 11: Winter Storm Preparation – Part 2

In this week’s episode of a prioritized life, Jenn and Lynnae continue their discussion on winter storm preparedness.  From blizzards to flooding, after listening to this podcast, you will know what you need to do... Read More
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Episode 10: Winter Storm Preparation – Part 1

Welcome to this week’s episode! Today we are discussing how to prepare for winter storms. Jenn and Lynnae live in different parts of the country and get different types of storms. No matter where you... Read More
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Episode 9: A Prioritized Gift Guide

Welcome to this week’s episode of A Prioritized Life. In this super-fun episode, we discuss Christmas gifts that reflect the priorities in our lives. In this episode, you will discover: Jenn & Lynnae’s top priorities. Gifts ideas that... Read More
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Episode 008: Capsule Wardrobes with Amy Allen Clark

Welcome to this week’s episode of A Prioritized Life. We are so excited to have Amy Allen Clark from MomAdvice.com join us today to share how she has prioritized her fashion choices by using a capsule wardrobe. You... Read More
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Episode 007: Black Friday Online Shopping Tips

Welcome to this week’s episode of A Prioritized Life. Black Friday is just around the corner, but Jenn and I hate going out on Black Friday. Instead, we shop at home, and we know all the tricks... Read More
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